Compassionate Conversation Cafés

The Program

Compassionate Conversation Cafés are an opportunity for small groups to have an open, honest conversation surrounding compassion and what it means to be compassionate. We ask the questions:

  • How do we apply it in our world?
  • How do we apply it to ourselves?
  • How do we become more compassionate?
  • Why do we bother acting with compassion?

The Inspiration

Covid's shelter at home year in 2020 brought me the opportunity to look and reflect inward more than ever before in my life. This inspired me to study meditation with Deepak Chopra that had me contemplate on the deep question of “What is compassion and how do I show it?” As timing would have it, I was accepted into an 8-month Applied Compassion Program with Stanford and this program, Compassionate Conversation Cafés, is my capstone project.

The Opportunity

These 90-minute cafés are already underway, with several more to be scheduled soon. Sign up below to be among the first to know about the upcoming sessions. It is free to participate.