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Our 10 Week “Let’s Get Gusty and Get Going” ChallengeThrough the use of weekly readings, setting intentions, worksheets, assessments, assignments and more, you will learn how to clearly define what you need in order to bring your one (or two or three) things to the world.

One-on-one coaching: Get Your Gutsy Going for the Long Run Individual help with a professional coach to get you well on your way to finding out what it is you want to happen in your world and to help you get a solid start on making it a reality.

Virtual Group Coaching:  Get Your Gutsy Going in a Group: We achieve more in groups than we do as individuals.  This three-month progressive coaching program is led by a professional coach with a group of up to eight like-minded women. These groups regularly meet virtually to learn together and support each other.


This ‘Gutsy’ movement is inspired by the book “Gutsy Women Win: How to Get Gutsy and Get Going” by CEO of inVisionaria, Pat Obuchowski. This movement is meant to inspire, ignite, support, and lead others through their bigger games with the hopes of leaving today feeling better than we did yesterday.

Pat is available to lead discussions and speak to groups of all sizes about their Gutsy goals and other related topics. Here are some examples:

  • 7 tips on how to be a scrappy woman in business – Be more successful by learning to bend the rules without breaking the law
  • From so-so to oh-so gutsy and successful – Real life success tips that will take you to the top of the leader board
  • Be in a Bigger Game™ – 9 elements to get you where you want to go
  • Feel the gulp and do it anyway – Secrets to pushing through your comfort zones
  • What the most successful women leaders know and do in business – How their strategies can propel your career

For more information on scheduling Pat to speak or for other speaking topics, please contact her Publicity Coordinator at


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Thrive in 45 is a monthly series of powerful, come as you are teleseminar masterclasses on topics that help you create the gutsiest possible version of you. These are fast-moving, value-packed classes that you won’t want to miss.

During the 45 minutes class you will be on a muted line while I (or my guest presenter) shares and leads you in topic-based exercises to help you get the most impact during our time together. After the class, we open the line for questions and answers – so feel free to chime in with your thoughts or questions!


“The Bigger Game” Workshop:

The Bigger Game is an innovation model that helps individuals, teams and organizations create meaning, conviction, courage and growth in service of achieving desirable goals and dreams. The Bigger Game has much compassion for the challenges, excitement, confusion and glory of life! Think of the Bigger Games as a board game – you’re always somewhere on the Bigger Game Board. When you know where you are on the board, then you know where to put your attention next. There is no such thing as being”stuck.” Knowing this creates freedom, confidence, focus and innovation.

We believe that we’re each born with an innovative spirit, and that we each possess the unique ability to create positive change in our own lives and the lives around us. Many of us, however, are unable to access or most creative innovative spirit. The Bigger Game shows us how.

Playing the Bigger Game keeps you on track with what you want your life to be about, and it moves you forward with creating the life you want!

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The Bigger Game is available as a Half-Day Interactive Training and/or a 2-Day Workshop. Contact our team for more information.