Changing Values to Live Your Best Life

I have a value of kindness. This value was taught to me by my Mother. We were a lower middle class family living in Chicago. My Dad was a machinist and my Mom was an insurance clerk. Together, they didn’t make much money, I do remember, regardless of our financial situation, my Mom always found the resources to be kind to others, whether that be lending money to someone in need, stopping to talk to someone on the street, or even just taking the time to listen to someone who needed to talk. She was always demonstrating kindness. Because of this, kindness is my compass for my life.   When I am faced with a decision to spend time with a person in need or just move on because I have more ‘important’ things to do, kindness always wins. And I know I am being my best because of it.

Values change. You don’t need to continue living by the same values and you can consciously change them.

For example: Right now two of my top values is persistence and challenge. These are not always in my top 10 list. This is true today, as I am in training to do a three-week trek in Nepal to basecamp on Annapurna in a few months. I have also recently been diagnosed with some physical challenges that force me to get healthier and value persistence and challenge if I want to complete this trek and be successful in this challenge.

Why did I change my values? So I could live my best life at this time in my life. Part of my best life is adventure and new experiences.

Kindness by Mark OrtmanKindness by Mark Ortman

A Call to Action: Share below a value that you have brought into your life that helps you live your best life at this time.

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