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My Quest for Leadership


"The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideals and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for the passing of a threshold is at hand" ~ Joseph Campbell

A few years ago I participated in a wonderful three and one-half day retreat with an organization called Rites of Passage.

This retreat called Quest for Leadership brought me back in touch with nature. Not only with nature surrounding me, but most importantly, with my own nature. With my innate wisdom.

One of the...

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The Three Most Impactful Coaching Skills for Leaders



"The problem with the illusion that it has been accomplished."

~George Bernard Shaw

I have been in the business of coaching for almost 17 years and whenever anyone asks me, what is the number one thing you coach on, I tell them regardless of the reason I’m hired, it frequently comes down to how to communicate with others. 

This includes not only what’s being said and how it’s being said, but also (and sometimes more importantly), what is not...

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Get Gutsy...Wake Up and Go to Sleep!

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?"

–Ernest Hemingway

I never imagined I would be writing on the topic of sleep, but I know what the impact is of not getting enough of it onmy ability to think, act, and react. It's not good. I also know how getting enough sleep makes me feel ready, confident, and capable. I prefer getting enough sleep.

Most importantly, as Hemingway implies in the above quote, sleep allows me to get away from it all.

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