Let’s Get to Work and Find Your Values

When doing this exercise, I ask that you try your hardest to have no judgment around your selection of values. I had a Judgment around one of my values for the longest time. When I first did this exercise years ago, I realized I valued recognition. I value being seen and acknowledged for the good things I do. Not bad, huh? EXCEPT, in my family I was always taught that recognition was bad; you want to be a part of the crowd and not stand out. Don’t be seen.

Don’t be heard. Well, eventually, that wasn’t working for me, especially in the business world and now, when I don’t get recognition, I ask for it.

Also, define your values for yourself. One of my clients had as a value “Red Ferrari”. When I asked her what that meant, she said that she loved living her life fast and with color. She liked adventure.

Here’s a worksheet for you to use (Values Identification Worksheet). I have suggested some values and also left space to add your own. If certain words don’t resonate with you, move on. Find your own.

Try to reduce your response to a singe word or two that captures each value. For example, if one of your values is “to have a successful career,” then reduce this to “Success”.


rank 1-10Rank Your Values:

On the second page of the worksheet, I want you to take your list on page two. Pick your Top 10 values, and rank them from most important number 1 to least important number 10.

It may be helpful to start with your number one value. Ask yourself: If I could satisfy only one of these values, which one would it be? Or try to create a scenario for yourself, for example, if you are trying to decide if learning or serenity is more important to you ask yourself, “Would I rather be reading a book or meditating?”

I understand ranking your values is a challenging process. These are not easy decision to make. If a value appears on your list, then it’s definitely important to you. By prioritizing your values consciously, you will be able to rely on them when you need to make important decisions in the future. If you know that what is truly most important to you in life is to experience inner peace, then it will be easier for you to say no to the things that take you away from peace.

By ranking your values you have just put the directions on your life’s compass. I suggest you review your values in three months and see what has changed in your life and ask yourself, “Are these values getting me my best life?”

It’s a choice we live in all the time.


A Call to Action: Tell us what your number 1 value is and why.

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