Countdown of 10 Ways to help you Get Gutsy (or Gutsier) and a Bonus

  1. There is no such thing as your “permanent record”. So when they say they’re putting it in your “permanent record”, they’re lying.

  1. Do not excel at the things you hate. Master your strengths. If you do, no one will care about your weaknesses.

  1. Remember crappy experiences make for gutsy stories later on. Look for the perspective of the “You’re not going to believe this story…” factor.

  1. Appreciate those around you. Tell them. Show them.

Break Through from Your Mold by #Sobore
  1. Live by your values no matter what. Know them and never compromise them.

  1. Hold it all lightly. As a co-worker once told me when I was freaking out about something I have absolutely no memory now of what it was, “Remember we are not saving babies here.” Unless, of course, you are.

  1. Admit what you don’t know. Don’t lie or make it up. People will know.

  1. Find true friends who will tell you what you’re great at and keep telling you what you’re great at. Do listen to the nay-sayers. Look for the truth in what they are saying. Say thank-you, then let them go and go back to your true friends.

  1. Always prepare for Crucial Conversations™. Ask yourself:

What do I want for me?

What do I want for the other party?

What do I want for the relationship?

And tell them what you want. This is called ‘designing the relationship’.

By Davie Knapik
  1. Keep an “Atta-Girl File” to remind yourself how absolutely amazing and brilliant and wonderful and talented and beautiful you are. Fill it with those notes, emails, and good stuff that people say about you. Look at it when you’re feeling doubtful about who you are and how you are showing up. It will remind you of who you really are at your best.

BONUS: Find your Voice. Use it for good. Be loud. Find allies. Be kind.  Go Forth. Do Good.


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