Releasing Demons that Hold Us Back

I almost did not post this blog, because I thought 'demon' was such a powerful word and for me has some negative overtones. But then I went to the dictionary to see how it’s defined. Miriam Webster says it is “a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin.”

By that definition, I thought yes, we have all experienced some sort of harm, distress, or ruin that has or still is holding us back.

I was at a workshop this past weekend and I met Randy Fortes who is a facilitator, trainer, coach and the heart and soul of which is a nonprofit that supports school communities by providing interactive programs and tools that teach students powerful life skills.

Randy was master of ceremonies at the event and was given the opportunity to rap one of his poems. What follows is the one he selected. It felt very powerful to a lot of us. I ask you to shut the world down and take a few minutes to get into the rhythm of this poem and think of your own demons as you read it.

Releasing Demons by Randy Fortes

“I thought I had it on lock, until I lost the key. Only seeing a fight to get these demons off of me. And though I released it I'm still never at peace with myself. Concerned for everyone else, when I really need the help. I keep it to myself to cheat myself, beat and defeat myself. Developing a lack of trust, and ever since disaster struck these demons have been after us hiding in the baggage we attach to us. So with the past quickly catching up I hope I'm fast enough to escape my own fate and let it pass me up. While I grab the cup and see it as my fault it's half empty, and fall victim to creating another sad ending. Getting away with pretending to get away. To live the day with that bitter taste written all over my face. So get in my way and you might get scolded ‘cause I can't seem to control it let alone hold it together. I've owned it forever but never claimed it. In way over my head but to ashamed to quit. I blame it on what I've ignored, how I can't afford to get sidetracked, yet I keep ending up at the same place I arrived at. So I climb back into that hole I once called a soul until that chip on my shoulder becomes a boulder too heavy for me to hold... there I go again. Always trying to hold. When all that does is hold me back.

What if I let go? What do I need to let go of?

Maybe that's why I always come to that stop. Never having the key, trying to keep it on lock. Is it all just talk? Cause I'd rather be dreaming. Maybe this is how I make peace with myself by releasing these demons.”


I’ve been pondering these words specifically

“Always trying to hold. When all that does is hold me back."

What if I let go?

What do I need to let go of?”

I ask you: What if you let go? What do you need to let go of?


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