Just Say “No”.

During a leadership coaching workshop, I came upon the idea that for everything I say "Yes" to, I am saying "No" to something else.

That started me thinking about what it is I say "No" to. I kept finding that it was much more effective for me to say "No" to things to make the space to fully say "Yes" to those things I really, really wanted. To all those things that were missing from my life because I said “Yes” so much to make it easy for others and in doing that, they would find me as someone who is cooperative, a collaborator.

I ran across an article recently by Gary Ryan Blair, aka The Goals Guy®. It was an article about deciding to give "No" the strategic resolve it deserves. There it was. Exactly what I had been doing in my life. Learning to say "No" is one of the most powerful things I have done for myself and it could be for you, too.

“Sometimes we need to say “no” so that we have more time to say “Yes!”  - Unknown

Saying "No" will help you set boundaries, be clear about what you will and will not do, help you become aware of what is unacceptable to you, and will make you feel like you are in choice about where you spend your time and energy.

Saying "No" to watching TV for example, sure frees up time to say "Yes" to what you really want to be doing with this one precious life.

The questions below are the top questions I ask myself and find I get immediate results when I answer and act on these:
  • What strategies, initiatives, and activities will you say "no" to?
  • What relationships will you let go of?
  • What customers will you not target?
  • What television shows will you not view?
  • What excuses will you not engage in?
  • What thoughts will you not entertain?
Use your voice wisely to say "No" on a regular basis. It is a powerful strategy to keep you going in the direction you want to be heading.

Last tip: You don’t need to give an excuse when you say “No” to someone. Always remember, “No.” is a complete sentence.

“Simplify your life. Learn to say no.”  - Anonymous

Step into leading and play a Bigger Game in your life... don't wait... model leadership... the World needs us to do this.


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