Lead and Live with Your Vision. Intentionally.

live with intention. walk to the edge. listen hard. practice wellness. play with abandon. Laugh. choose with no regret. continue to learn. appreciate your friends. do what you love. live as if this is all there is.

- maryanne radmacher-hershey

The above prose is a framed print that sits behind my computer and catches my eye every day.

I have carried this print with me for several years now and I’ve adopted this as my philosophy for the way I want to live my life. With intention, and living as if this is all there is.

I have learned that when I ‘Live with Intention’, I come from a place in my life where I choose all things.  Living with the knowledge that I have choices in all things, I can not be a victim, nor can I blame others for what does or does not happen to me. Think about it. Not allowing myself to be a victim if pure freedom.

Intention is great, but you must have a vision of what that intention is.  This issue of ‘Living with Intention’ is about visioning.

When I created my business almost 16 years ago, I wanted my company name to shout out loud what my business was about.

Hence, inVisionaria.

Each word was selected with purpose and intention.

Their definitions according to Webster’s Dictionary:

In:  a transition from one state to another

Vision:  the power of seeing what is not yet present to the eye; a vivid imaginative concept

Aria:  an elaborate melody for a single voice, with accompaniment.

My business helps people and organizations lead through transitions intentionally to find their vision and their voice.

Visions are great, but they seem to be ‘out there’ and in future time. To make them become a reality, you must be doing at least one thing, no matter how small, every single day to be working toward and be ‘in’ your vision.

Visions are great and working towards them makes them even juicier, but you must let others know what that vision is and ask for allies along the way.  You must use your voice.

I, as coach, serve as your accompaniment.


The value of visioning is that it gets to the heart of what you want your life legacy to be.  It gets to the heart of what difference your life will make on this planet. It serves as a guide for your life and gives you a powerful direction to work toward.  It is a path for you to walk. With intention.

According to Robert Middleton, visioning is a great re-energizer. “I'm sure you've had times when you wrapped up a big project, felt a bit worn out and then subsequently felt a little bit empty when it was all over. Was your energy drained and was it hard to think of the next project, the next marketing effort?

It happens to all of us.

There are probably dozens of ways to re-energize yourself, but I'm only going to focus on one.  Mostly we think of external things to do. Take a break; get a massage; reward yourself.  I think those are all very good, but they don't replace this one:

Get in touch with your vision and purpose.

Wait, don't stop reading because you think that stuff is airy-fairy. It's the most practical thing in the world. It's the source of your fulfillment and your success. It's what keeps you smiling and what keeps you going no matter how hard things get.”

Have fun visioning. Many times when we are asked to talk abut our vision we go to a very intellectual place to try to define it. Vision resides in our intellect, yest, but it also finds a place in our creative mind. One of the exercises I have people do is start writing, yes, pick up a pen and write, with the phrase, “My vision for me is….”. And then just keep writing and if you can’t think of anything to continue to write switch the pen to your non-dominant hand and keep writing. You will be surprised what will be revealed in this simple exercise.

May you vision big and live with intention!


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