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As Mitchell Levy, The AHA Guy, states in the forward of my newly released Gutsy Leaders: 140 Bits of Wisdom on How to Build Teams with Vision and Compassion,

"Gutsy leaders are human. They live and act in alignment with their values and with the traits of authenticity, integrity, and trustworthiness. They are fun to hang around and aren't afraid to give feedback to transform and help inspire those around them, and to receive feedback to become better leaders."

I have always been inspired by others’ words. I have been sending a “Quote for Your Day” via email and posting to social media for over fifteen years with the hope that these words may motivate and inspire. I truly believe that we never know how we impact others, because every now and then, when I start to think it's a waste of time to post these quotes, I get a message that says, “You have no idea how I needed this today.” These personal notes remind me how much each of us needs a little bit of inspiration.

My book and the words I chose are meant to inspire and perhaps motivate you along your life and leadership journey to take some action and do something that makes you feel a bit afraid. As I say, “Feel the GULP and do it anyway.”

GULP is that scary, exhilarated feeling you get when you start to do something you've never done before.

Watch out—it can become addictive… and that’s a good thing. This book is an actionable business journal and provides you with a bit of wisdom and the space to take notes on actions you or your team can take for a particular bit of wisdom. Just randomly pick a bit of wisdom and practice it during the day. A great way to start your day or start a meeting with teams.

Here’s a taste

“Sometimes in order to move forward, Gutsy Leaders know they must retreat.” 
"Gutsy Leaders stand by those who need them.”
“Gutsy Leaders simply begin. They know they don’t need to wait for the perfect time or place.”
“Gutsy Leaders resolve to evolve.” 


I have been in my leadership development business for over 15 years and the bits of wisdom in this book are words I live by and have found in my business to ring true for the leaders I have the honor to serve. I hope they ring true for you. Let me know if one does and let me know the bits of wisdom you live by. You may be in my next book.

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