How you know it’s a GULP and what to do when you feel it

GULP is that big scary exhilarated feeling you get on a roller coaster when you are firmly buckled into the coaster’s seat and slowly, slowly travel to the top of the coaster. You've been on these rides before, so you know what to expect which adds to the anticipation and building up of the excitement.

Slowly. Slowly you climb. You feel your heart racing. You breathe faster.

You feel like you want to scream but know that release will come soon enough.   Finally, there you are at the top of the ride. You take a deep breath and then GULP! The coaster zooms down and you let all that anticipation and stress go and scream at the top of your lungs. 

You felt the GULP and you did it anyway.   We feel the GULP every time we stretch ourselves to do something we have never done before. Every time we feel the fear of taking action that moves us forward. Every time we take a risk in our lives. We feel the GULP and for some of us, we stop.

But for those of us who decide to play bigger games in our lives, we feel the GULP and do it anyway.   Without the GULP, we are doing the same things over and over that don’t stretch us. The same things that don’t help us grow.  The same things that don’t need any thought, foresight, and hold us back.

When you feel the GULP, know it is a good thing. I have now learned how to embrace the GULP and feel all the doubts as well as the excitement wash over me. I physically GULP and do it anyway, as I know this moves my life forward.   And who doesn’t want to move forward? 

If you do, just feel the GULP and do it anyway.  


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