Saying Good-bye to Say Hello

Last year, I merrily dumped New Year’s Resolutions. Because I believe what you mutter matters, last year I looked up the synonyms for  resolution and found some I adopted for 2018. 

Last year, I made bold heartfelt declarations that set my intentions to be full of moxie, spirit and sincerity. I carried them out with courage, boldness, tenacity and gutsiness.  

How’d that turn out?  

Pretty good actually. My top 2018 declarations continue to help me be a better human being:  

  • I declare I will practice self-compassion. 
  • I declare I will say ‘no’ when my gut tells me to. 
  • I declare I will stay present with those I am with and connect at a deeper level. 
  • I declare that I will do the things I love more often for the sake of nothing more than to do the things I love more often. 

This year though, I’m looking through a different lens. The lens of this Lily Lines posting: Goodbye, 2018 and Hello, 2019.  

What am I saying Goodbye to? Top three:  

  • To listen to and trust my instinct more.  
  • My insecurity of asking for what I really want because the idea of getting a ‘no’ stops me.  
  • My ‘shoulds’.  

What am I saying Hello to? Top three:  

  • People, places and things that bring pleasure, beauty and positivity to my life. 
  • Getting crazy healthy. 
  • Being more rather than doing more.  

What are you saying Goodbye to and what does that enable you to say Hello to?  

Let’s make 2019 one of our best years…yet. 


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