Set Your Intention, then Find a Structure to Remember It


I have always been great at testing. There was something about the preparation and pressure of tests that got my adrenaline pumping and allowed me to attack them with complete focus and attention. I knew my stuff!  

When I put the stake in the ground to start my own coaching business and give it two years to turn a profit, I got trained in this field. I attended a six-month coach training school. In order to be certified, I had to participate in a full day of examinations. These included a written exam as well as a few coaching demonstrations in front of three master coaches. This day also included waiting between all those sessions for my turn.  

I prepared and studied and had my coaching sessions critiqued, so I knew my stuff.  

About four days before the exam date, I started to feel anxious. This feeling of anxiousness persisted for the next two days. On the morning of the third day, I was feeling a type of panic at the thought of taking this exam. Fortunately, I had a call with my coach that morning and told her I was feeling over the top anxious.  

She had been with me on this journey and said, “Pat, know you know because you know.”  

She asked me what did I want the day to be like.  

I instantly said, “I want it to be effortless and fun.” 

She suggested I find a structure to remind me of this intention.  As soon as she said that I looked out the window and there was a bird’s feather gently floating down to the ground. Well, there was my effortless structure.  

I then walked through my day thinking about a structure that would represent fun to me.

And there it was. A marble. I used to love playing marbles when I was a little girl and the colors in marbles always made me happy.  

As I entered the day of the exam I had a feather and a marble in my pocket. Every time I began to feel the anxiety creep into my body, I just reached into my pocket and reminded myself of my intention to have this day be effortless and fun.  

It also reminded me of the words of my coach said. “Pat, know you know because you know.” 

I passed, and 17 years later, I’m still in my business.  

Anything in your life that you need to remind yourself of? What’s a structure you could use to remind you?  


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