Finding Focus to Finish the One Thing


There are so many things I need to do but find that I get distracted so much easier than I ever have before.  I lay out all the things I need to finish that one project that must be done by tomorrow and next thing I know I’m looking at my Washington Post horoscope for the day and then I’m looking for the book I told a client I’d send her and then I’m looking for the invite to the wedding I didn’t respond to…ARGHHHH!  

No wonder I get exhausted!   

I’ve been in conversations recently to find out what other people do to help them get focused when they must finish that one thing they can’t stay focused on.  

Someone recommend a technique Ali Katz uses when in need of a quick refocusing moment. Anyone who writes a book titled “One Minute to Zen: Go From Hot Mess to Mindful Mom in One Minute or Less” is someone I can learn from.  

Here’s what she suggests: 

When you lose focus, get some energy moving by standing up, moving, stretching, getting a cup of tea, doing jumping jacks. Anything to shift your stuck energy.  

Then, simply name three objects you see in the room one at a time:  

  • I see the coffee cup. (Take a breath) 
  • I see the pad of paper. (Take a breath) 
  • I see the clock. (Take a breath) 

I do this verbally. 

Next, name three sounds that you hear: 

  • I hear the children laughing outside. 
  • I hear a car in the street. 
  • I hear the voices talking outside my office. 

Then, name three feelings you are having: 

  • I feel warm. 
  • I feel tired. 
  • I feel thirsty. 

Now do the same three steps but just name two objects you see, two sounds you hear and two feelings you are having.  

Lastly, repeat but just name one of each. 

When complete, take a deep, deep breath and notice if you feel a bit more settled and focused.  

It’s been working for me. Let me know if it works for you. 


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