Feel the Fear and Take a Bold Action Anyway

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“I choose bold. I choose action. I choose what's right for the people. I choose to make a difference.”     - Bill Richardson

Most of you are aware by now that I work with a change and innovation model called The Bigger Game.  I even wrote a book about it. 

The word “Game” just means what we are up to in life.

The model is simple, but a very powerful one. It changed my life and I’ve witnessed it changing other lives. I’ve even presented this model to a group of scientists and technologists whose comments included:

“It was great to explore a different way of thinking about taking action.”

“This time provided me with an opportunity to realize I’m pretty bold and I’ve already played many Bigger Games in my life.”

“I’m ready to finally take a Bold Action for the sake of my Bigger Game. And boy, is it big!”

As you can see on the model, Bold Action is at the center of the game board, surrounded by all the other elements.  The intentionality of positioning it here may be obvious. Bold Action partners with every other element to move your game forward. 

“Freedom lies in being bold.”  - Robert Frost

It takes Bold Action to stay in the square of Hunger long enough to really turn up the dial on wanting to really change something and move forward in your life.

Bold Action is needed to let go of those Comfort Zones that just no longer serve you or your game.

To find your Compelling Purpose and get in touch with what it is you personally hunger for is bold.

The GULP that feels like “Who do I think I am?” takes a Bold Action to move out of this square. 

Bold Action helps you invest in something you don’t know about for the sake of your Game.

It takes lots of Bold Action to find Allies in your life that will help you and support you in achieving your Bigger Game.

Sustainability of you as a Bigger Game Play may take the Bold Action of saying “no” to people, places and things in your life that drain you of your energy.

When you Assess your game it takes a Bold Action to step back and look at it objectively and perhaps change its direction or even the game. 

Yes, Bold Action is required if you are wanting and being pulled to play your Bigger Game.

The world is waiting. 


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