How to Find Happiness via One Italian’s Advice


I recently returned from a week long trip to Lake Como in Italy. Paradiso. I’ve been contemplating the meaning of happiness and went on a Bliss Champions retreat there to dig deeper into what brings me bliss and how I can intentionally create more in my life.  

While there we ate most of our meals at the Villa we were staying at but a few times went out for an amazing Italian meal. Is there any other kind but amazing? 

One evening I was driving to dinner with Pietro, the husband of the woman I met who rents Villas at Lake Como. Pietro and I were talking about the retreat and about happiness. 

With much gusto he confidently told me he knows what happiness is. Here are his paraphrased words.

"You get up in the morning and have a croissant and cappuccino with your friends. 

After lunch you meet with your friends for an espresso.

At dinner you meet your friends for pasta and wine and another espresso. 

There you have it. You may be fat, but you have friends and you are happy.”

I think that’s a great happiness philosophy.

How do you create happiness in your life?



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