You're Invited to a Compassionate Conversation


In January, I wrote about taking some time away to reimagine, reflect and reevaluate my journey. Along the way, I started to study meditation with Deepak Chopra and earned my meditation instructor credential. These sessions eventually led me to contemplate on a deep question: “What is compassion and how do I show it?”

Around the same time, I was also accepted into a year-long program on Applied Compassion Training at Stanford University. This intensive learning program requires us to develop a capstone project. I chose to create a space for small groups to have open, honest conversations around compassion and what it means to be compassionate. I introduce you to Compassionate Conversation Cafés!

These 90-minute virtual cafés bring people to ask important questions around compassion, like how do we apply compassion internally and externally, and how can we be more compassionate to ourselves and others.

I have already hosted a few cafés, and planning several more, and I’d love to invite you to participate! It is free to join, and space is limited. Sign up to receive information on our upcoming sessions online at

I hope you’ll join me. Until then, go forth, do good and be well.



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